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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, cold-pressed from the pulp of young coconuts, harvested by hand. The vivid white color (crystal clear when liquid) and the delicate scent of coconut, without any hint of rancid smells or murky colors, are markers of a top-notch quality and of an exquisite manufacturing, attentive to preserve the precious contents.
It is a Virgin Coconut Oil, rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids(not to be confused with hydrogenated fats, or with the refined Palm Oil fats, which by the way is actually a completely different variety of “Palm”, deeply unlike the Coconut Palm), and including the renown lauric acid, which is also present in the breast milk. 
The cultivation of the coconut palms is performed in a non-intensive way and in the manufacturing it is avoided any procedure of refining, bleaching and deodorization.
It is an oil with multiple properties, and therefore also known in herbal therapy and cosmetology. It can be used in cooking or eaten as is. Above 24°C it gets a crystal clear liquid state.

It is an incredibly versatile product, suitable for various applications (using 80g of extra virgin coconut oil, instead of 100 grams of other solid fats. In replacing Extra Virgin Olive oil the ratio is 1:1). It is perfect for both baking and stir-frying, since it has a high smoke point. Also suitable for fish-based dishes and exotic recipes with chicken or meat. Excellent as a base for spread-creams, it brilliantly matches with chocolate.

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