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Golamera: the guilt-free chocolate spread!

Try the velvety texture and the alluring flavor of the unparelled Whole spread cream Golamera made of just 3 Ingredients. Amazing result, made possible by the delicate processing steps and by the use of Gulamerah the precious whole sugar from the flowers of coconut, as the key ingredient.

3 ingredients and the finest vanilla berries for an organic food which is ideal for breakfast and light snacks: Lightness... spreadable!

The hidden secret of Golamera hinges on the use of the whole coconut sugar (Coconut palm - Cocos Nucifera not the Oil palm - Elaeis Guineensis), instead of refined ones, independently of they come from sugarcane or not, and on the fact we do not add any fat except for those natulrally present in the ingredients. Let's check the proof! In Gulamerah you won't find the common layer of afloat fat on the surface, whose presence is the evidence of the fat content. This floating fat is often vulnerable to degradation and going rancid.

No soy lecithin inside and Palm oil free.

Available in the gluttonous Golamera with Virgin Coconut Oil and Golamera Hazelnut.

Guilt-free chocolate spreads!



Golamera Hazelnut 200g
Guilt-free chocolate spread! From the perfect combination of Defatted Cocoa, Hazelnuts of Piemonte IGP and Gulamerah from Bali (the wh...
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