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Tradition, taste, wellbeing: these are the prerogatives for the organic products that Panela has been searching and selecting in the furthest places of the world, for over thirty years, with an undiminished passion. 

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These are three distinctive elements intrinsically linked to one another, only the wholesome and organic products of the soil with an ancient tradition and a rare quality, can offer that inimitable taste and save the nutritional elements, which are required for a healthy diet, as it has been widely demonstrated by scientific research.

Three specific qualities at the base of the pyramid: three different but intimately connected sides, representing, from different points of view, the same virtuous model.
A pyramid, ancient monument in the history of man and a symbol of the food pyramid, that represents the correct, healthy and essential nutrition, with all the flavors that nature can provide, that Panela has been able to rediscover and revive.

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