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G.T.C. S.r.l. - Panela is an historical firm in the field of organic food, one of the first that have appeared in the Italian market; the Company, as a leading manufacturer, has been focused for more than 40 years in the research and development of excellent and traditional foods that combine taste with outstanding wholesome values. In the recent years Panela has truly become a way of life that spreads its power across all the Company creations where the artisan passion safeguards the life force and the integrity that traditional foods bring along.  


The Origins

It was born in 1972 as an Import Company of coffee, cocoa and rubber. During the frequent business trips in Latin America the founder, dr. Claudio Consoli, fell in love with a delicacy that is typically manufactured in Colombia, a kind of whole sugar in blocks, with a taste as remarkable and exalting as none of those known until then in Europe.

In fact, only the method known as Panela method, developed thanks to a brilliant intuition, allows us to obtain a granulate which retains the flavor and the virtues of the original blocks.


In the 90's... Organic Pioneers

The success of Panela places the company in a leading position among the organizations that promote a culture of healthy eating.

In the 90s the theories according to which nutrition plays a key role in the welfare of the body are growing consensus and GTC decides to take a leading position. The organic certification obtained in 1994 by Bioagricoop (now Bioagricert) was a key step in this process.

To go ahead with the project GTC started the research and development of new products that reflected the principles of nutritional completeness, in compliance with the original values of Panela. In fact, the nutritional value of a product is inseparably linked to its homeland and to the knowledge and traditions of the people who discovered it.

During these years, in the seat in Pontenure (PC), we have built a pasta factory to produce a Pasta that could respect the most ancient Italian tradition.
So we added to the section of the sugars, a sector in which the company is specialized since its birth, products such as crackers, gomasio, honey and shortbread cookies.
During the last years, in order to characterize our product lines, we also created the brand Sane Bontà.


History becomes "Now"

The company continues its research in every part of the world, to discover any nutritional treasure that have not been revealed yet.

In an ever more globalized world, GTC is no exception, but instead of "exporting" progress and "computerization", it decided to protect, directly in their homelands, the products, the traditions and the techniques, that would be otherwise lost . Panela is the tangible example of it!

For this reason, in 2011, we decided to reinforce the values represented by Panela and we transformed it, from main product of the company, to unique brand of the company itself. The stylized pyramid, with the word Panela in the foreground, became therefore the logo for all of our products.

In the philosophy of Panela, in fact, the products must comply with the tastes and traditions of the lands and cultures from which they originate and of which they are true ambassadors. From this point of view, the taste is just as important as the nutritional values and the absolute quality.

In recent years, the founder was accompanied by the strong support of the new generation, that will give continuity to a dream that has become reality.

The products are distributed in top-quality food stores, in delicatessens, in natural and organic food stores, in herbal stores and drug stores.



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