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Panela, name linked to our company for sugar in blocks, from the Andes, has now become also the brand (registered) that characterizes the "treasures" of the nutritional tradition that the company tries to reveal with great passion.

We chose Panela because, proud of the recent past, we look with confidence to the future, we hope that, as well as the Panela sugars became a reference point for the wholemeal sugars, the whole company could become a reference point in the field of top-quality organic products. Such as those from the ancient traditions of far away places, where the pace of life and the relationship with nature are still harmonic and constant over time.

This relentless investigation, which started with the organic wholesome sugar, continues in the field of traditional organic products, as Panela's response to the market.

The company confirms its image as a manufacturer of top-quality products and aims to reveal to the customers the traditional foods and their high nutritional naturally-contained values.

Different non-standard-flavored products, with strong organoleptic features. The flavor is essential and, in each natural product, is diversified and exalted in its specific peculiarities.

Therefore Panela products are not limited to being “organic”, they are “real” nourishments, that feed you in a balanced way, with peculiar flavors and aromas.

Panela manufactures products that are the result of a careful selection, made over the years, with responsibility and passion, with direct and equitable purchases, in the various continents.

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