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Primero turns the clock back to the origins of chocolate and goes straight to the heart.

A feeling of “Wow” that surprises your taste buds and it is the right reward for your heart.

The perfect combination of whole cacao beans and Panela, just crushed together, gives birth to this coarse and bold chocolate where the intensity of the cocoa beans is balanced and softened by the “warm” and crunchy sweetness of Panela.


The slow “massage” of the ancient stone carves Primero and let the cacao bean shine its true strength as it was at the origins of chocolate. Not refined, Not Conched, Not tempered.

100% From Cacao beans not cacao mass.


Organic Pioneers

Tradition, Taste, Well-being.

Primero 70%
Perfect balancing of cacao beans and Panela whose aroma enhances the cacao taste prole at the highest levels Just 2 ingredients Vega...
Primero 90%
Bold, coarse and crunchy with the full strenght of cacao beans 90%: primordial intensity! Just 2 ingredients Vegan...
Primero 20% Piedmont Hazelnut
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