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Since the dawn of Man, thanks to innate survival abilities, we have been able to select and shape for livelihoods and well-being, the fruits that nature gave us.

These foods were created, almost unconsciously, but in harmony with the human body and thanks to their amazing life force they are still an heritage for the whole humanity.

Just as Taste Archaeologists we go in search of these treasures in every part of the world to allow everyone to take benefit from, and through them we try also to promote the knowledge of near and far cultures and lands.

Our astonishment is always great when, thanks to modern science, we are able to demonstrate the advantages and benefits that these thousand years old foods could bring us, apart from the purely gastronomic features.

To respect the tradition, our intervention is limited to the revelation of these treasures without altering the texture or the nutritional values with some invasive processes.
And, as good Archaeologists do, we will go through a very rigid search with chisel and brush.

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