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The mythical El Dorado, either as the mountain entirely covered with gold, or as the fabulous city located in Colombia on the border between the departments of Córdoba and Antioquia, has a deep connection with the history and origins the ingot of cane sugar.

The stories of the villages of the Andes are littered with references, that let you assume that the sugar blocks can be considered the real treasure of the Andean populations, the treasure that the miners figured as an endless gold deposit. The treasure was as a matter of fact Pure energy: a block of whole sugar, whose wealth for those civilizations went well beyond that of the precious yellow metal, guaranteeing the livelihood and survival of their people.

The binding of this sugar blocks with the territories of the Andes is still active as it was in past centuries.


The traditional "Sugar block" is processed, even today, according to the methods and rituals not far from those of the pre-industrial times, as evidenced by the discovery of old mills, operated by mules, dating back to 1750, from which the only significant difference in the process, was the introduction of the combustion engine, rather than the animal power.

The uniqueness of our Panela resides in the traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting of the sugar cane, a variety that grows in the mountains in Cultivos laderos (similar to our alpine slopes), in an environment full of wild vegetation. Here the uncontaminated ground, the exposure to the sun, the temperature fluctuations and the soil features allow the cane to assimilate the characteristics and exotic flavors that we found in cuadras (ingots) of organic sugar.


Fortunately, in some rural areas still survive the so-called Trapiches, where it was handed down this tradition to grind the cane and to model the juice as it is, without any filtration, in blocks of organic sugar, which account for all Mankind, a treasure to be protected. This time not from greedy gold diggers, but from industrialization and intensive farming.

Unfortunately, this is a memory that is gradually disappearing, supplanted, even in the countries of origin, by large-scale methods of cultivation and production, which favor efficiency and quantity, at the expense of the excellence of the product and of the respect for cultural identities .

Our mission is to preserve the culture, to produce the original  blocks and through this promote awareness of the benefits and flavor of this heritage that the Andean peoples had discovered long before us. Our daily commitment and the exclusive Panela method are our guarantee.

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