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 The Panela Method for the whole sugars begins with the care and attention to the product: starting from the crops in their original lands!

The search starts at production sites, where we respect the original techniques of cultivation and production, which are the result of ancient knowledge and traditions and are gradually disappearing in the name of industrialization and intensive agriculture.

Only with the direct support to rural communities we can try to preserve this heritage.

Even the process we use to bring the product in different forms is unique and respects the original features and starts exclusively from the "blocks".

From India to South America the first form of sugar invented by man, was, in fact, the "block" that preserves all the properties of the juice of the original plant.

The blocks come still "alive" (as they are called by the locals), and so they leave our laboratory: in fact they go through a gentle procedure.

We do not use the procedures permitted by the modern technology for the whole sugars, such as filtration, over-baking or evaporation over hot plates, because with water they tend to lose aromas and many of the nutrients naturally contained. With a simple and ingenious process we get through the blocks an easy to use granulated sugar, almost as if it was the freshly squeezed juice.

The "Panela method” seal guarantees that the product has been realized with this procedure that is unique in the world!

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