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100% Stone Milled & Wholemeal Italian Ancient Grains

100% stone-milled wholemeal semolina of Italian dicoccum Emmer (Triticum Dicoccum) wheat: a cereal, typical of the ancient countryside of Central Italy, where it has been used since the time of the ancient Romans. It is an ancient cereal, the genetic inheritance of which (composed of 28 chromosomes), characterized by a significant content of fiber and nutrients, has remained immune from contamination.
Thanks to the stone-milling of the grains you get a coarse-grained wholemeal semolina that respects the original features also in terms of taste.
The bronze moulding (with 100% bronze moulds) and the slow low-temperature drying process allow the semolina to give its best, without affecting the composition and the nutritional properties.
The intense and vigorous savour of the wholesome Emmer wheat perfectly matches with cooked and raw vegetables (i.e. turnip greens), spicy recipes, or creamy sauces with veggies, such as cabbages, or leeks and anchovies. We advise against pairing it with tomato sauce.
Classic shape suitable for all kinds of toppings.
Organic product.

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