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GomaSIO -its name is a plunge into the asian tradition and it is tied to the macrodiotic, but because of the natural essence of this fine dressing it was simply named after the fusion of its 2 ingredients: GOMA-sesame and SHIO-salt.

The combination of the sesame with  nuts, seeds and seaweeds fulfills its nutritional virtues and enrichs its aromatic profile, that the soft toasting boosted, along with the grinding of the seeds.

The vital force of the seeds makes it an unparalled yummy dressing that brings along outstanding wholesome benefits.

The user friendly glass jar allows to easily sprinkle it on salads, sauces, legumes, cheese and soups. Try it on fish or meat.


Gomasio Irish seaweeds 120g
Sesame, Wild Irish seaweeds and Salt: Toasted and chopped. The unique aroma along with the unparalled wholesome elments that Wild Seaw...
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