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Easy-to-Use Seaweeds: your help in the kitchen!

Now it is easier to exploit the benefits of the Seaweeds, especially their culinary distinctive features.

4 Seaweeds for 4 Uses in food preparations:

1.For Thickening: to make gelatine or jelly, to thicken gravy or sauces or juices, to smooth soups or vegetable minestrone.

2.For Legumes and Broth: to cook beans (and pulses in general), to soak legumes and to make vegetable broths.

3.For Soups: to enrich soups, steamed cereals or vegetables and tofu.

4.Spirulina: to enrich salads, sauces, other dishes and drinks. Or a tea spoon as it is.

Each type of seaweed differs from the others for its features, as if Nature had intended to take care of our different dietary needs.These SeaVeg absorb from the Ocean water the nutrients therefore it is crucial that the harvesting, performed by expert hands at the right stage of growth, takes place in the unspoiled shores of North West Ireland and that the prduct is Wild.

The Easy-to-Use Seaweeds, just fresh-air dried and chopped thanks to the unique Panelita know-how, are packed in the user friendly 40g dispenser where the cooking tips and the doses are clearly displayed.

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