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Cream of Beans with Farro
Author: Carla Favaro - Corriere della Sera
Legumes are friends of the heart and blood vessels, but in Italy the use remains low: it is equal to 11 grams per day. The importance of legumes, which, combined with cereals, should be considered a single dish, is confirmed by the new RDAs....
Pasta & Beans
Author: Carla Favaro - Corriere della Sera
The proteins reach values comparable to those obtained by eating meat, but avoiding cholesterol and fats. Beans, along with chickpeas, lentils, peas, have been for a long time the "meat of the poor". Their proteins, combined with those provided by cereals in a ratio of 2 to 1 (which is important especially for those who prevent, or reduce, the animal proteins), reach, in fact, values comparable t...
Legumes: The meat of the smart ones
Author: Daniela Cipolloni - OK Salute e Benessere
"Legumes are rich in vegetable proteins, but, unlike meat, eggs and cheese, they have zero cholesterol and very little fat: only 3%" says Michela De Petris, an expert in vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic nutrition at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. "The ideal is to combine legumes with cereals, preferably at the same meal or during the day: so you can ensure the supply of all of the essential...
White flour is a "poison" - Dott.Berrino replies to dott. Krough
Author: Dott. Franco Berrino sul Fatto Alimentare del 24/11/2016
Quinoa and Amaranth: the pseudocereals to (re)discover
Author: Carla Favaro - Corriere della Sera
The reason? First of all the high nutritional value and then the absence of gluten, which makes these pseudocereals interesting for those who must follow a gluten free diet. These pseudocereals (available in most of the supermarkets and in the organic shops), not only have a higher protein quantity and quality  in comparison with some cereals, but also they contain more fiber, more minerals a...
Beans instead of meat and cholesterol goes down
Author: Elena Meli - Corriere della Sera
Thanks to the legumes we have a valuable aid for the heart. Due to the low glycemic index, they are also suitable for those who have to lose weight....

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