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Glycemic Index of coconut sugar
Author: Food And Nutrition Research Institute
Study carried out by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute - Republic of Philippines - Department of Science & Technology www.pca.da.gov.ph...
Coconut oil can cure Alzheimer's
Author: La Stampa
A book written by an American doctor, has already become a bestseller, has raised hopes millions of people suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Is this all true? La Stampa June 12, 2012...
Benefits of coconut sugar
Author: MD Marie Claire
It's called "Gulamerah from Bali", it is a natural sweetener, like the well-known Stevia, and it is making its entry into the international market. The Gulamerah is a viable alternative to the traditional sugar, to the cane sugar and to the artificial sweeteners. Coconut sugar has a glycemic index of 35 and contains nutrients important for the body. http://www.marieclaire.it/Bellezza/gulamerah-ba...
Saturated fats and Palm Oil
Author: Dott.ssa Annalisa Caravaggi
Golden Milk: the wolesome gold!
Author: dott.ssa Carla Barzanò per Panela
https://www.macrolibrarsi.it/speciali/golden-milk-l-oro-che-fa-bene.php ...
Golden Milk: your helper in Sports!
Author: Paola Miretta per Panela
Coconut Oil: the peculiar fat!
Author: Paola Galloni per Cucina Naturale-Dicembre 2014
Frying with vegetable oils can increase cancer risk
Author: ADN Kronos - Salute
From coconut blossom a wholemeal food for...
Author: dott.ssa Carla Baranò per Macrolibrarsi
Sweet is good
Author: Carla Barzanò per L'Altra Medicina - n 48 2015
Randomised trial of coconut oil, olive oil or butter on blood lipids and other cardiovascular risk factors in healthy men and women
Author: Kay-Tee Khaw, Stephen J Sharp, Leila Finikarides, Islam Afzal, Marleen Lentjes, Robert Luben, Nita G Forouhi
Black pepper boosts the benefits of turmeric
Author: Prof. Antonello Paparella per Il Fatto Alimentare
Credits Il Fatto Alimentare...
Golden Milk: the gold of toddlers
Author: Prof.ssa, Dott.ssa Lucia Romeo

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