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The secret of Panelita special pasta hinges on the Stone Milled & Wholemeal semolina of 100% italian Ancient Grains.

The Wholemeal-Stone Milled Semolina that is milled in coarse grains, or by using the legal definition of the law of the DPR 187 of 2001, "The granulated sharp edged product" is the key ingedient in the production of this pasta. In fact, only the core of the grain of wheat, the most protein based part, can provide the optimum texture for the pasta.

In Whole Semolina, where the step of sieving, the so-called "sifting", is not performed remains even component of fiber (linked to the part of the bran) that usually is removed and that gives the pasta the dark color and characteristic flavor.

The stone-milling method, in the classic stone mills, is the most ancient and traditional way to get a wholemeal flour, gently crushing the grains.

This system differs from most of the modern methods, in which the wholemeal product is usually reconstituted by adding some refined bran flour, and other parts of the cereal grain.

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